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Bruce Huntington has over 45 years in the musical entertainment industry as a composer, a performer, and a recording studio musician.

In his early years he played popular music at military establishments and traveled with a USO troop. He spent nine years under the glittering lights of Las Vegas, performing on main showroom stages, lounges, and at corporate events.

Bruce has a vast musical background. He has performed with The Hollywood All Stars and Cornell Gunter and the Coasters and numerous other recording artists. Bruce has been a studio musician for 35 years and has put bass tracks on many albums.

His passion for song writing has been with him since he was a child. Earlier in his career, he wrote strike songs for his Labor Union and songs for The Corporation for National Service. When asked how many songs he has composed, Bruce said “I have no idea how many. For example, I'm currently working on four songs with several other new ideas floating around in my head!”

Twenty of his Western songs have been recorded by other artists including: Belinda Gale; Jon Messenger; Bill Barwick; Mary Kaye; Marvin O’Dell, Call of the West; Nancy Elliott; Journey West; Beth Folsom; Trails & Rails; Swing West; and Jim Jones who has recorded three songs that the two of them wrote together.

Bruce’s philosophy about good songwriting is that songs should be uncomplicated in style and format, should tell an interesting story, and above all be entertaining. “The best songswriters have that knack to be able to tell a story with the fewest words possible. I try to use as few words as I can to tell my stories,” he says.

It is difficult to categorize Bruce’s songs since he does not write in any specific style. His songs are unique and varied. Some songs he composes on the piano, some on the mandolin, and some on the guitar. “Each instrument has a certain feel to it and influences chord structure and melody,” Bruce said.

If you listen to the music samples of Bruce’s songs that we have included on this web site, we are sure that you will agree that his songs are entertaining, tell interesting stories, and are distinctive.